Artistic Gymnastics Show 2012

Artistic Gymnastics Show 2012

Gymnastics Show 2012
Gymnastics Centre Levski, Sofia, BG, 16th Dec. 2012

Artistic Gymnastics Show for children 2012

With a great pleasure, I would like to present you, one of the most successful events I have organised and participated so far. 'Gymnastics Party' is a special gymnastics show, which aims to popularise physical activity and healthy living amongst children. It is also a good chance for children to demonstrate gymnastics skills in front of their parents. After receiving lovely comments about the last year show (Gymnastics Party 2011), this year I've got the challenge to make it even better.

Special thanks to: Martin Nikolov (photos), Erik & Dessy Shaumian (organisation) and all parents, friends and guests

Film: 'Gymnastics Show 2012' | Sport for Children

This is the compilation video of our gymnastics show. To watch the full video, please scroll down to the 4th main parts.

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The event has been more than special for me and I believe for many of you too. I have been teaching your children here at the Gymnastics Centre Levski Sofia for the last 5 years and without doubt, this has been a great time with lots of successful moments.

Dear parents, gymnasts and colleagues, as you may already know, I am moving to the city of London, therefore I would like to say thank you so much for being not just clients, but friends, good friends and I feel many of you as a family. I know I will miss you very much, that's why I have done my best to make you love this sport as I do. It has been all done for you, for your children, for us, to remember and be proud of what has been achieved.

Yours in Sport , Stefan Kolimechkov

Full Film: 'Gymnastics Show 2012' (1h. 36min.)

PART 1 - The Gymnasts

PART 2 - Happiness

PART 3 - We Are Levski

PART 4 - Forever



Stefan Kolimechkov's Gymnastics Presentation

Assessment of the daily diet and the physical development of pre-school and young school children, practising artistic gymnastics

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Assessment of the daily diet and the physical development of children

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Presentation - Gymnastics Show 2012

Gymnastics Show 2012