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Letters of Reference

  • Reference from the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science
    By the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science

    'Dr Stefan Kolimechkov is the Editor-in-Chief of one of our most successful journals, the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science (ISSN 2501 - 1235). This is an international peer-reviewed journal which publishes academic research in sport and exercise sciences. Dr Kolimechkov provides us with his expertise in physical education, submits relevant research papers which are highly regarded and cited, and assists the Editorial Board with reviewing and evaluating selected manuscripts. He is capable of bridging the gap between theory and practice, due to his broad experience as a personal trainer, gymnastics coach, and a registered scientist in the United Kingdom. Dr Kolimechkov has presented scientific research at one of the top conferences in sport and exercise sciences, including the annual congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), the annual conference of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), and the Congress of the International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP).' Read the Full Letter of Reference »
    /Mr Emil Constantin, Managing Editor of the European Journals of Education Studies/

  • Reference from St Edmund's Catholic Primary School in London
    By St Edmund's Primary School, London

    'Mr Kolimechkov has been involved with St Edmund’s Primary School since November 2013. From September 2015 he has worked as a volunteer at St Edmunds, one morning each week during term time. During this period, he has provided physical education support for the PE lessons I lead with various year groups (1-6). I have found him to always be punctual, professional and very helpful. He has an excellent knowledge of a variety of sports in which he confidently shares with the pupils he supports. During this academic year (from November 2016 to January 2017) Mr Kolimcechkov conducted a nutrition and physical fitness test (as part of his PhD) involving sixty pupils from St Edmunds and has generously shared the results/findings with me. I have used this information to feed back to the class teachers and also to improve the planning of my own PE lessons in relation to the pupils who participated in this study. Even though Mr Kolimechkov is working in a volunteer role, his commitment has never been in doubt and we feel very fortunate to have had his support at St Edmunds these past years. Myself and all the staff at St Edmunds wish him the best of luck with his future goals and studies and are very grateful for all the work he has done for us.' Read the Full Letter of Reference »
    /Mr W. Silva, PE and Science Leader at St Edmund's Primary School/

  • Reference from David Page EFT Teacher
    By David Page, EFL Teacher at London Meridian College

    '... Already in possession of both bachelor and master's degrees, Stefan will shortly be embarking upon his PhD thesis, and I wish him every success in the pursuit of his academic dreams. Indeed, I have followed with great interest his burgeoning career in this country as a gymnastics coach and have on countless occasions marvelled at his prowess as a first-class gymnast himself, still competing at a very high level and having achieved so much at such a young age. He is a magnificent ambassador for the sport and I certainly wish him every success in his chosen career. It is pertinent here to remark that, in addition to all of his exceptional professional and linguistic skills and attainments, Stefan is in possession of a highly attractive and engaging personality. I would therefore, without hesitation or reservation, recommend him to any prospective employer. He has a passion for his sport and, most especially, for coaching, taking great delight in facilitating and witnessing the achievements of his proteges; he believes this to be his vocation and he has, consequently, chosen coaching as his career path. I wish him every success in the realisation of his aspirations, and I have absolutely no doubt that countless numbers of people of both sexes and of all ages will benefit substantially from the tuition and coaching which he will be in a position to provide for them over the course of many years...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /David Page, EFL Teacher at London Meridian College/

  • Elite Gymnastics Academy London UK
    By the Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC, London

    '...Stefan Kolimechkov started volunteering as a Gymnastics Coach for our club on 7th January 2013. He has been employed by the Elite G.A. CIC since 1st October 2013. Stefan has been working at the Elite G.A. with different levels: Pre-school Gymnastics (3yrs-5yrs), Recreational Gymnastics (5yrs-15yrs), Men's Artistic Squad (5yrs-15yrs). I wish to say that I have known Stefan Kolimechkov in his professional capacity as a coach and he has proven to be very experienced in the field of Men's Artistic Gymnastics and General Gymnastics, and working with children. He is very reliable and well organised person, friendly with coaching team and parents...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /Olga Berzing, Head Coach & Manager of Elite G.A./

  • Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation
    By the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation

    '... Stefan has been working as a coach at the 'Levski Spartak - 08' Gymnastics Club in Sofia since the beginning of 2008. Since 2009, he has been regularly taking part in the National Championships of Bulgaria with the team he leads (children up to 10 years of age). His boys squad has always been ranked amongst the Top 8 in Bulgaria. Stefan is the youngest active coach in the male section, who takes gymnasts to official tournaments, part of the State Sports Calendar of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation. He shows wide interests in the field of sports science and regularly attended the coaching seminars in the last years. He is a qualified sports pedagogue and is also a qualified Physical Education teacher. In 2011, he graduated a course for fitness instructors with excellent marks. Stefan Kolimechkov is also a competitor and, every year, takes part in the championships and tournaments around the country. He is a regular participant of the national final of his best apparatus - the Men's Still Rings. Kolimechkov is well-qualified both in the theoretical aspects, as well the practical aspects of his work as a sports pedagogue and coach. He is devoted to his work, an expert in artistic gymnastics with proven results with the adolescent generation. He also shows a great sense of responsibility for the tasks, which have been assigned to him and works with his full potential to create a good team and its spirit...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /President of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation - Jordan Jovchev/

  • Prof. Petar Atanasov, PhD, DSc
    By Prof. Petar Atanasov, PhD, DSc

    '... Mr Stefan Kolimechkov was registered at the National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski' Sofia in 2007. In 2011 he completed the higher education course for the degree Bachelor of Arts in the degree programmes Teacher of Physical Education and Sports. During his studies, Mr. Kolimechkov proved to be an excellent student demonstrating profound interests, including in the subject taught by me, Sports Biochemistry. This professional interest of him remained active in the period of additional education for the post-graduate qualification as Fitness Instructor. In 2011 Mr. Kolimechkov was registered in a Master's degree programme in Physical Education. In view of his abilities and interests, I myself approved the topic of his thesis: 'Assessment of the Nutritional Regimen of Pre-school and Primary School Age Children Practising Artistic Gymnastics'. During the process of preparation of the thesis Mr. Kolimechkov demonstrated authentic interest and knowledge, high degree of industriousness, ability to work with up-to-date scientific literature, precision in experimental work and in-depth analysis of the obtained results. As a result of the efforts, the Master's Thesis developed by Mr. Kolimechkov obtained an excellent grade. In fact, this is one of the best papers I have ever encountered in my practice and in my opinion its volume and quality exceed the requirements for a thesis and to some extent get close to the dissertation requirements...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /Prof. Petar Atanasov, PhD, DSc/

  • Reference by Vassil Parouchev
    By Vassil Parouchev, FIG Honorary Judge

    '...It is a great deal of pleasure that I am providing this reference to my young gymnastics colleague Mr. Stefan Kolimechkov. From 1997 until April 2009 I myself worked as a Boys Gymnastics Coach in Texas, USA - J.O. Head Boys Coach of the Houston Gymnastics Academy - the U.S. Olympic Training Center. From 2010 until present I am taking the position of a Sports Director at SC 'Levski', Sofia, Bulgaria. I am also a former Secretary General of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation (1990-1996) and a Head Gymnastics Coach (men & women 1970-1990) in the biggest gymnastics club in Bulgaria - 'Levski Spartak'. I am also a FIG Honorary Judge, judging at 2 Olympic Games (1992, 1996) and 9 World Championships (1991-2003). Therefore, I feel that I am qualified enough to say that Mr. Stefan Kolimechkov is truly an outstanding Gymnastics specialist, a very good coach and Gymnastics expert who has an extensive education and training experience in his country. Upon review, Kolimechkov's professional background is full of high sports achievements. Graduated from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy, he's got a very successful coaching career in one of the strongest Bulgarian Gymnastics Clubs - 'Levski Spartak 08', (Sofia). I believe that Kolimechkov, with his academic and coaching background, would make an excellent contribution to any gymnastics community. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any of the appropriate authorities...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /Vassil Parouchev, FIG Honorary Judge/

  • Reference from the National Sports Academy
    By the National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski'

    '... Stefan Kolimechkov began his study in our University in the field of 'Sport' - Coach in Artistic Gymnastics in 2007. The diploma paper which Stefan prepared, entitled 'Comparative Kinematic Analysis of the Double Backward Stretched Somersault and the Double Backward Stretched Somersault with a 360° turn Dismounts on Still Rings', was among the best papers in the Sports Academy. He regularly attended the lectures and the practical sessions. His GPA throughout the year placed him among the best-ranking students in the entire university. In 2008, he joined the Artistic Gymnastics team of the NSA 'Vassil Levski' - 'A-Gym' and began taking part in the championships and tournaments throughout the country. In 2010, he won 5th place in the individual tournament of the State Championship of Bulgaria on Still Rings, and the 3rd place in the team competition. After his excellent defence, the student was awarded his Bachelor's degree...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /Science Advisor: Ass. Prof. Ilia Kyuchukov, PhD;
    Head of 'Gymnastics' Department and Deputy Rector of NSA 'Vassil Levski' - Prof. K. Andonov, PhD/

  • Reference by Assoc. Prof. St. Mavrudiev, PhD
    By Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD

    '... I have known Mr. Stefan Kolimechkov since the 2008/2009 academic year, when he was a 2nd-year student in the Coaching Department (Album No. 26 433) of NSA 'Vassil Levski', and I led lecturing courses to him for several semesters in the main subject for this profile - 'Theory and Methodology of Physical Education'. Together with his coaching profile, Stefan Kolimechkov also received the qualification 'Physical Education', which he graduated with a grade of Excellent 5.72, during the 2010/2011 academic year. The grade from the final state exam for the profile 'Physical Education' of Stefan was also Excellent 6. The pedagogic practise session for 'Physical Education' Stefan Kolimechkov also graduated with excellent grades in 91st Language School 'K. Galabov' under the guidance of Assistant Lyubomir Borisov. In the opinion of the guiding Assistant Borisov, Stefan Kolimechkov performed as a good professional for the position of Physical Education teacher. With his pedagogic skills, competence and charisma, he had 'won the hearts' of his students. In conclusion, I would like to state the following: Stefan Kolimechkov possesses reputable personal qualities, high professionalism and competence, which are necessary conditions and a guarantee that he could perform any professional duties, which might be assigned to him in the field of Physical Education...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD,
    'Theory of the Physical Education', National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski' - Sofia/

  • Reference from Gymnastics Club Levski
    By the Levski Spartak 08 - Sofia GC

    '... Mr. Stefan Kolimechkov has been working in 'Levski Spartak-08' G.C. in Sofia since 2008. Under his leadership train children between 4 and 10 years of age, 'juniors', who regularly take part in Bulgarian State Championships under the rules of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation, with President Mr. Jordan Jovchev (World and Vice-Olympic champion). The members of Stefan's team are distinguished with their remarkable style and manner of performing. They are young gymnasts with good future. The present Letter of Reference was prepared by the Sports Manager - Mrs. St. Pavlova - Honorary Coach of Bulgaria, Senior coach of the National Women's team for 4 Olympic cycles (16 years). I have also worked for many years with Sir John Atkinson. I have also trained two competitors from the 'Leatherhead' Club in London. Both of them took part in the World Championships in Indianapolis (USA) in 1991 - which was a qualification round for the Olympic Games in Barcelona...' Full Letter of Reference »
    /President of 'Levski Spartak-08' G.C. - Mr Nikola Prodanov;
    Sports Manager - Mrs. St. Pavlova - Honorary Coach /