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International Federation of Physical and Sports Education (FIEPS EUROPE)

International Federation of Physical and Sports Education

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov


I have been the Vice-President of FIEPS Europe for Western Europe since June 2021. FIEPS is the International Federation of Physical and Sports Education (Fédération Internationale d'Education Physique et Sportive - FIEPS) founded in 1923 in Brussels, Belgium. The Federation is represented by a wide board of directors who are experts in the field of Physical Education in each continent with the current headquarter (FIEPS World) based in Brazil. In Europe, the Federation is represented by FIEPS Europe with its President Dr Dario Novak from Croatia. Dr Novak is supported by the ex-FIEPS Europe President Professor Branislav Antala (current FIEPS World Vice-President), and 4 Vice-Presidents for different European regions.

In the summer of 2021, Professor Antala and Dr Novak invited me to join them as the FIEPS Vice-President for Western Europe, which was a great honour for me. I had the opportunity to present scientific research at five FIEPS Annual European and World congresses around the world in 2017 in Luxembourg Luxembourg, 2018 in Turkey Turkey, 2021 (virtually), 2022 in Finland Finland, and 2023 in Romania Romania.


Annual Congress of the
International Federation of Physical and Sports Education (FIEPS)

FIEPS Congress

  • FIEPS European Congress 2023
    • Romania
    FIEPS European Congress 2023

    Effects of microcurrent therapy with resistance exercises on state and trait anxiety in middle-aged adults: A pilot study

  • FIEPS European and World Congresses 2022
    • Finland
    FIEPS European and World Congresses 2022

    Comparison of 10m and 20m shuttle run tests for the assessment of aerobic fitness in adolescent male hockey players

  • MSA Conference and FIEP European Congress 2021
    • Virtual
    MSA Conference & FIEP European Congress 2021

    Nutritional Assessment of Female Yoga Practitioners with Different Levels of Experience

  • FIEP European and World Congresses 2018
    • Turkey
    FIEP European & World Congresses 2018

    Combined Sets of European Physical Fitness Percentile Scores, with Appropriate Interpolations, for Children and Adolescents for the Alpha-fit Test Battery

  • FIEP European Congress 2017
    • Luxembourg
    FIEP European Congress 2017

    BeepShuttle: Software for Assessing the Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Children and Adolescents


Short History of FIEPS

FIEPS is the oldest intenational professional body in Physical Education in the world, and it is recognized by several UNESCO and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). FIEPS was formerly known as the International Federation of Educational Gymnastics in 1923, the International Federation of Ling Gymnastics between 1924 and 1952, and the International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP) between 1953 and 2020. In 2021, the name of the Federation was changed to International Federation of Physical and Sports Education (FIEPS).


My Contribution to FIEPS

I have been working together with my colleagues towards popularising FIEPS in western Europe by highlighting the importance of Physical Education in children and adolescents in the form of scientific meetings around Europe. My scientific publications have provided further evidence supporting the importance of being active in childhood and maintaining and improving health-related physical fitness at school age. Moreover, I have presented related research in nearly all of the FIEPS annual congresses in Europe since 2017.


My first link with FIEPS (known as FIEP at that time) was in 2017 when I applied for the FIEP New Leaders Programme, nominated by my PhD supervisor at that time Professor Albena Alexandrova. The FIEP Executive Board accepted me as a FIEP New Leader, and it covered my accomodation and congress fee for the 12th FIEP European Congress, which was held in Luxembourg. This was a very special moment for me because this Congress was my first international conference in which I presented scientific research.

FIEP European Congress in Luxembourg 2017

FIEP New Leaders Programme

We are the New FIEP Leaders of 2017 (12th FIEP European Congress held in Luxembourg).

12th FIEP European Congress in Luxembourg

On the 15th of Spetember 2017, I presented our software, called ‘Beep Shuttle Junior’, for assessing the cardiorespiratory fitness in children and adolescents, during the poster presentations of the FIEP New Leaders Programme at the 12th FIEP European Congress in Luxembourg.

FIEP European Congress in Istanbul 2018

13th FIEP European Congress and 29th FIEP World Congress, Istanbul 2018

On the 28th of September 2018, I presented research concerned with the reference gap in the European physical fitness percentile scores for the Alpha-fit test battery for children and adolescents at the parallel session of the 13th FIEP European Congress and 29th FIEP World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey 2018.


Vice-President of FIEPS Europe (Western Europe)

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov has been the Vice-President of the
FIEPS Europe for Western Europe since June 2021