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Personal Gymnastics Lessons for Children

General Gymnastics For Children - From Beginners to Intermediate

General Gymnastics - From Beginners to Intermediate

If your child has never done gymnastics or he/she is at a beginners to intermediate level, you can book a personal gymnastics session with me, coach Stefan. This would be a wonderful opportunity to try this sport and learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, like my gymnast did (on the photo above is Nasko at the age of 6).

If you look online for gymnastics classes, you can probably find some for children as young as 2 years of age, but in most cases is better to wait until your child is at least 5 before starting any gymnastics programmes. Unlike joining a gymnastics club or an after school club, booking a personal gymnastics lesson for your child in the comfort of your home is much more mobile option because you can have the session when and where it suits you best. Moreover, your child will learn the right technique by seeing a proper demonstration by me, the coach (3-times London Gymnastics Champion on Rings). I can assure you that taking the time to learn proper gymnastics technique can improve results and prevent annoying injuries.

If your child has already been doing gymnastics, then why don't you supplement their classes with a weekly personal gymnastics lesson? In fact, combining group sessions with personal gymnastics lessons would probably be the most efficient option. So, if your children are between 5 and 11, and you would like them to do gymnastics, you can book a lesson and start that magic journey of learning the fundamentals of gymnastics.


Gymnastics Lessons for Primary School Children in London

The Best Gymnastics Lessons for Children in London

This is Alexander on Handstand at the age of 8.

I offer a specialised, home-based, newly-developed gymnastics course for primary school children based on my experience and practice in scientific research. It is called STK SPORT Gymnastics Awards Scheme, and it is designed to progressively develop health-related physical fitness components, such as strength, balance, flexibility and body composition. The programme consists of 10 levels (starting from level 1 and finishing at level 10) and there are 10 gymnastics exercises in each level. After passing each level, your child will receive a certificate as a reward to boost the motivation of your children.

As a Level 3 qualified gymnastics coach, and probably the only gymnastics coach in the UK with extensive scientific work in the field of gymnastics, I am in the position to provide your children with the best opportunities for learning gymnastics skills and tricks in the comfort of your home.


Gymnastics Skills

Although, I follow the STK SPORT Gymnastics Award Scheme as I believe that this programme offers the best training to improve health-related physical fitness, my personal training programmes can also be tailored and modified towards the individual needs of each child, and I can provide you with greater information about the importance of physical activity, proper technique, recommended nutritional guidelines, as well as fun and safe homeworks to practise until our next session.

Gymnastics lessons near me in London

Here is the main list of gymnastics skills that your children will practise in our gymnastics lessons:

Tuck, pike, and straddle sit

Star and Straight shape


Japana Flat

Dish and Arch Shape

Front, Back and Side Support

One leg balance and T-balance

Shoulder stand

Forward Rolls to different positions

Backward Rolls to different positions

Side Roll/Egg Roll and TeddyBear Roll

Landing position

Straight jump

Star Jump

Tuck Jump


Scissor Kick

Bunny Jumps

Donkey Kicks

Head stand with bent and straight legs

Kick to Handstand/Handstands by the wall


Frog Split

Box/Side Split

Ride and left Split


Frog Balance

Back bent

Kick over

Back and Front Walkovers

L-sit, Straddle L-sit and Frog Balance on Mini Bars

and more