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Dr Stefan Kolimechkov - Theses and Dissertations

I defended my first scientific paper (coursework) in 2011 in front of the Department of Gymnastics at the National Sports Academy (NSA), followed by my Bachelor's Thesis at the same Department a few months later. In 2012, I defended my Master's Thesis in front of the Department of Physical Education at the NSA, and in 2018 was my official public defence of a dissertation for obtaining the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

Doctoral Dissertation

Assessment of the Nutrition and Physical Fitness of Pre-school and Primary School Children Practising Artistic Gymnastics

Doctoral Dissertation on nutrition and physical fitness

Doctoral Dissertation, 2018 »


Master's Thesis

Nutrition Assessment of Pre-school and Young School Children Practising Artistic Gymnastics

Master's Thesis on the Assessment of the daily diet of pre- and young school children

Master's Thesis, 2012 »


Bachelor's Thesis

Comparative Kinematic Analysis of the Dismounts - Double Salto Backward Stretched and Double Salto Backward Stretched with 360° Turn on Rings in Artistic Gymnastics

Bachelor's Thesis on 'Comparative kinematic analysis of the dismounts - Double salto bwd. stretched and Double salto bwd. stretched with 360° turn on Still Rings'

Bachelor's Thesis, 2011 »


Coursework Paper

Kinematic Analysis of Double Stretched Salto bwd. on Rings in Gymnastics

Coursework Paper on Kinematic analysis of Double stretched salto bwd. on Still Rings

Coursework Paper, 2011 »

Theses & Dissertations