Doctoral Dissertation - Nutrition and Physical Fitness

This research concerns the nutrition and physical fitness of primary school children, engaged in artistic gymnastics. Now, let's take a look and see why assessing nutrition and physical fitness is so important, and discuss, how diet and high level of physical fitness can improve our children's health and well-being.

Physical fitness is an excellent indicator of the health of children and is a predictor of health in later life. Moreover, it is essential to have an adequate assessment of the energy consumption, as well as the diet of children, in order to guide their proper and harmonious physical development and successful participation in sports activities. Furthermore, measuring, assessing and monitoring of physical development and nutrition should be considered a public health priority.

Take a look at my short video presentations about the nutritional and physical fitness assessments, applied in our study.

Nutritional Assessment of Young Gymnasts Physical Fitness Assessment of Young Gymnasts


Assessment Methods

Criteria to evaluate assessment methods:

  • Valid - the assessment tool must measure what it is intended to measure (nutrition and physical fitness levels).
  • Reliable - the instrument must consistently give the same results under the same circumstances.
  • Accurate - if the instrument is valid and reliable, therefore it is also accurate.
  • Practical - the instrument must have acceptable costs to the investigator and participants.


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