Sport Science Services

Fitness Assessment in British Schools during Physical Education Lessons

At the moment there are 2 main sports science services which you can book:

  • Assessment of your Body Composition (BMI, %Fat, %Muscle mass, etc). This takes around 30 min. and costs £35 for one person.You will receive a pdf report with the results and evaluation.
  • Nutritional Assessment - it is completed online, and it costs only £30 per person. Based on the results, you will receive a pdf report with your daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, relative protein intake per kg body mass (RPI), relative carbohydrate intake (RCI), relative fat intake (RFI), and the energy contribution of each nutrient (E%), in addition to the total daily energy intake (kcal/24h) and relative energy intake (REN).



You can book a personal body composition assessment for you or your students (athletes). This assessment will be conducted by me, Dr Stefan Kolimechkov, in the comfort of your home in London, or in your sports club (for your athletes). I have been involved in multiple scientific projects (measuring, calculating and assessing the body composition of children, young athletes, and professional athletes) applying valid and reliable skinfold and body circumference methods.

After the assessment (24-48 h after the assessment) you will be provided with your individual results for BMI, % Fat, waist-to-height ratio, etc., in addition to evaluation of those parameters by applying international age- and gender-specific norms.



Sport Science Services