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Welcome to my online training services. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for online personal training, so let me share with you what I offer. I am Dr Stefan Kolimechkov, and I am a fully insured & qualified personal trainer, gymnastics coach, as well as a registered exercise professional.

Let me start by pointing out why online personal training might be an excellent option for you. Well, first of all, it saves time as you don't need to travel to the gym, it is also cheaper than paying for the traditional face-to-face personal training lessons, and it is at a time that suits you best. Moreover, working with an online personal trainer means that they don't have to be in the same city as you, and that is your chance to find the perfect teacher who can meet your personal goals. Taking all of this into account, I am fascinated by the idea that I can now reach to more people and share my love and passion for sport and physical activities, as well as help clients reach their full potential.


Here is What I Offer:

I provide online personal sessions via the Zoom platform for clients all over the world. That includes: gymnastics for children, fitness programmes for older adults and yoga for everyone.

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Online Personal Training