• STK Sport

    Changes in the design throughout the years

    STK Sport was launched on 10th of August 2008
    by me, Dr Stefan Kolimechkov. On this page you can see the changes in the design over the course of the last few years.

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  • STK Design 2013

    The New Design 2013 - present

    In January 2013, I moved to London, UK, and I bought UK's hosting and domain. I chose new design, which was provided by OS Templates, and I build it further during the next few years. Since then, I have had two websites (STK SPORT and Kolimechkov.COM).
    Hosting has been provided by: host.bg (since 2010) & 123-reg.co.uk (since 2013)

    Feb 2013 - Present

  • STK Design 2011-2012

    Design 2011-2012

    In August 2011, I added aditional subdomains with different designs.
    Hosting was provided by: host.bg
    website: www.kolimechkov.com

    Aug 2011 - Jan 2013

  • STK Design 2010

    Design 2010

    In May 2010, I moved my website to a paid hosting, in order to obtain my own domain, and changed the website's design.
    Hosting service was provided by host.bg
    website: www.kolimechkov.com

    May 2010 - July 2011

  • Design 2008-2009

    Design 2008-2009

    I launched my first website in August 2008
    Hosting & domain were provided by Hit.Bg
    website: www.kolimechkov.hit.bg

    Aug 2008 - Apr 2010