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This part is all about my sport's lifestyle. Offering inspirational videos, amazing photos, gymnastics competitions, championships and tournaments, astonishing performances and significant events, moments of a lifetime...

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There will be no competitions this year due the pandemic. However, motivation is growing and my main Goal is to take part at the 2021 Men's London Regional Championships next year. Stay tuned for more info.

Highlighted Video: Competing in the National Finals for sixth time

Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships 2016
Men's Rings Final
Armeec Arena, 8-9 July 2016, Sofia | Bulgaria
Stefan Kolimechkov - 'A-Gym' NSA G.C.

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More information, photos and results about this event are available here.


This is My Story

The Story of Stefan Kolimechkov

Every man has an unique story... and this is mine. It is believed that the value of one minute of video is equal to thousands and thousands of words. Therefore, this section of my website includes inspirational videos, which are telling the real story of my life. Never Back Down!

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A List of All Events in Chronological Order

Chronology of Events

This is my journey, a journey of a lifetime. Here you can witness a list including most significant events in chronological order. It all started at the end of 2002 at the Levski Gymnastics Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria, but the first available photos are from the very next year. Enjoy!

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics Competitions

Men's Gymnastics Competitions

This is a very special section of STK Sport, which consists of all competitions in men's artistic gymnastics in which I have taken part so far. I competed in a few international championships, many national, regional and veteran competitions, each of which has its own story and is equally important regardless of its level or competitive rank.

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Photo Gallery

STK Sport Photo Gallery

This section consists of the very best photos from each year. These images captured amazing moments during gymnastics training, competitions, performances, training camps, education, scientific presentations and conferences, places I visited, etc.

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Categories of significant events

STK SPORT Categories

Here is a list of interesting events grouped in common categories.

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