Chronology of Events

Stefan Kolimechkov - Gymnastics - Rings

Stefan Kolimechkov
at the Pirin Mountains, 2007

In this section of STK Spot, I will present you my journey, a journey of a lifetime. Here you can witness the most significant events in chronological order. From the first split to the first competition, from school to university, from being a student to becoming a teacher and researcher, from the past to the present... life flies, so take your chances and enjoy every moment!


Journey of a Lifetime

British Citizen

British Citizen - Dr Stefan Kolimechkov

At the age of 33 I obtained my British citizenship


2019 ECSS Congress

ECSS Congress - Dr Stefan Kolimechkov

My Road to the ECSS Congress in Prague 2019


2018 Official Public PhD Defence

Official Public Defence - Doctor of Philosophy

At the age of 30, I was officially admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy


2015 London Rings Champion

2015 London Rings Champion

Stefan Kolimechkov is the 2015 London Rings Champion


London Open 2014

2014 Men's London Open Gymnastics Championships

Stef at the 2014 Men's London Open Championship


Street Workout London

Street Workout London 2014

Stef at the Street Workout London 2014


2014 Sutton Gymnastics Academy Rings Champion

2014 Sutton Gymnastics Academy Rings Champion

Stefan Kolimechkov | Sutton Gymnastics Academy Adults Championships


The Shard | London, UK

Stefan Kolimechkov - The Shard in London UK

Stef on the top of the highest skyscraper in the EU

London Open

Stefan Kolimechko - Elite GC at London Open Championships

Stef (Elite GC) on SR at the Men's London Open


GC 'Levski' | Awarding Ceremony

Awarding ceremony - GC Levski

GC 'Levski' has awarded Stefan Kolimechkov (Head coach 2008-2012)
for his contribution to the club & wished him success in the UK


Gymnastics Show

Gymnastics Show 2012

organised by Stefan Kolimechkov


Master of Physical Education

Stefan Kolimechkov - Master of Physical Education

Stefan Kolimechkov - Master's Academic Degree


4th Best Gymnast in Bulgaria on Rings

Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships 2012 - Still Rings Final

Stefan Kolimechkov | Bulgarian Gymnastics Championships

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelors Academic Degree - Stefan Kolimechkov

Stefan Kolimechkov | Bachelor's Degree in Sport's Science and PE


Photo of the Year

Stefan Kolimechkov | Photo of the Year 2006

Stefan Kolimechkov | Primorsko Gym Camp 2006


The First Split

My first split flat on the floor | The beginning - Stefan Kolimechkov

My first split flat on the floor | The beginning