Year 2016 - National & County Sports People

National Sports People

The FANS & FACS - Schemes
(Free access to National & County Sports People)

I would like to thank Fusion Lifestyle, Enfield Council and my club Elite G.A. for selecting me for the FANS & FACS - Schemes and giving me free access to sporting facilities in the borough.

Sports People 2016

Stefan Kolimechkov

Enfield Council, in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle, have launched these schemes to offer free access to sporting facilities in the borough to national and county sports people.

The FANS & FACS schemes have been granted the Inspire Mark badge of the London 2012 Inspire Programme. The scheems aim to support the borough's up and coming athletes in their development and progression in their chosen sport.

Fusion was formed in April 2000 and has now been operating for over 14 years. They provide sport and leisure management services across the UK in partnership with local authorities and other organisations. Check out their website here.

STK 2016