Basingstoke Adult Championships 2014

Basingstoke Gymnastics Club

Basingstoke Adult Gymnastics Championships 2014
Basingstoke Gymnastics Club | England

Video: Stef at the 2014 Basingstoke Championships

Adult Championships 2014

Basingstoke, England, UK | 8th June 2014
Stefan Kolimechkov (Elite GC) | Men's Artistic Advanced Category

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Results | Men's Artistic


Basingstoke Adult Championships 2014
Advanced Category | All-Around


Gold Medal
Owen Hall
Swindon GC
Silver Medal
Stefan Kolimechkov
Elite GC

All-Around requirements for Men's Artistic: For all age groups competitors must compete on at least four pieces. If participating on more than four pieces, the highest four scores will count as the individual total.

Stefan Kolimechkov
Silver medal in the All-Around
FX Floor 13.000 | PH Pommel Horse 11.000 | SR Rings 10.300 | PB Parallel bars 11.600
Highest Four 45.900 + Age Bonus 0.350



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June 2014

Stef took part in the
2014 Basingstoke Gymnastics Championships
2014 Basingstoke Gymnastics Championships - UK

Stefan Kolimechkov (Elite GC, London) took part in the 8th Basingstoke Gymnastics Championships for adults. He was awarded silver medal in the All-Around in the men's artistic advanced category.

Basingstoke Gymnastics Championships | England (UK) 2014