Year 2011 - NSA Gymnastics Department

National Sports Academy 'Vassil Levski', Sofia

Gymnastics Department | Coursework Defence | Stefan Kolimechkov
This Coursework Defence is in Bulgarian

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Prof. Nikola Hadjiev D.Sc. Gymnastics

Prof. Nikola Hadjiev, D.Sc.

Prof. Hadjiev's statement about the coursework paper.

‘Dear colleagues, this is a wonderful example of Coursework, very well illustrated, and it has been presented in a magical way. We’ve known the student for 4 years from our lectures and I suggest that we should  award an excellent mark of the highest category.
Congratulations! It has been a real pleasure for us.’

Full Prof. Nikola Hadjiev, Doctor of the pedagogical sciences



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The full paper as well as the PowerPoint presentation in English can be found on our Science page

Kinematic analysis of Double stretched salto bwd. on Still Rings

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