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Dr Stefan Kolimechkov RSci MRSB


Dr Stefan Kolimechkov, Member of the Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology is a single unified voice for biology: advising Government and influencing policy; advancing education and professional development; supporting our members, and engaging and encouraging public interest in the life sciences. Individual members include practising scientists, professionals in academia, industry and education with an interest in biology (all areas of the science of life from molecules, through whole organisms to ecosystems and across every specialism).

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Member of the RSB (2019)

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov has been a member of the
Royal Society of Biology since April 2019

Dr Kolimechkov is a member of the Royal Society of Biology

Membership Number: P0134728


Member of the RSB Since 2019

2019 Membership Certificate

Dr Stefan Kolimechkov, No:P0134728, was admitted as a member of the RSB by resolution of the Council in April 2019.

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