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  • Dr Mahalul Azam
    Dr Mahalul Azam wrote:

    Stefan is a gymnastics trainer, as well as high-quality researcher in this area.

    Mahalul Azam, MD, PhD | Associate Professor at Universitas Negeri Semarang in Indonesia | e-mail: mahalul.azam@mail.unnes.ac.id | ResearchGate

  • Westley Silva
    Westley Silva wrote:

    Stefan supported me for over two years to teach PE to the pupils at my previous primary school in North London. He was punctual, polite, hard working and always professional. His knowledge of gymnastics and health/fitness was incredible and as a result, all my pupils in both Key Stage 1 and 2, learnt a huge amount from him (including myself) and made excellent progress. Stefan is an excellent coach and I was very fortunate to have worked with him!

    Westley Silva | Physical Education Teacher | e-mail: wessilva@yahoo.com

  • David Hawthorne
    David Hawthorne wrote:

    Stef was a top student of mine at the British Council, in Sofia, Bulgaria. He was a delight to have in my class, as he was always very diligent, mindful, considerate, and personable. His energy was also transferred to his profession as a gymnast, as I have witnessed his skilful abilities here in Sofia.

    David Hawthorne, Editor & Language teacher | e-mail: onethorn2@gmail.com | Linkedin

  • Alexander Sarafov
    Alexander Sarafov (Bulgaria) wrote:

    Hello Stef.

    I see you're having a great time in the UK. I hope you are doing well. I've seen your new photos, you're an awesome gymnast, keep going bro! There are only two simple things in life that you must follow. The first is to do what you love, and the second is simply NEVER GIVE UP!

    Alexander | e-mail: alexander.sarafov@abv.bg

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly wrote:

    Stefan is a diligent coach who pays attention to every detail in the coaching of kids. He is always willing to explore new techniques enabling his gymnast’s to achieve their goals.

    Being an accomplish gymnast himself he can instill confidence in the group encouraging the competitive spirit in the more talented kids while nurturing the less gifted. With Setf’s coaching techniques you can be sure that your child will gain confidence in their abilities while having fun at the same time.

    Kind regards,
    Sean | e-mail: sean@be-bg.com

  • Petar Ivanov
    Petar Ivanov (Misho's father) wrote:

    Responsible, disciplined and independent!

    Mr Kolimechkov is a great teacher. The children from his groups love their gymnastics sessions and also are happy with what they have achieved.

    Misho and coach Stef, Sofia 2012

    My own son Mihail Ivanov (6-year-old) has been doing gymnastics with his coach Stefan Kolimechkov for more than a year now.

    Petar Ivanov | Tel: +359 88 957 4166

  • Rosica Ivanova
    Rosica Ivanova (Misho's mother) wrote:

    My son Misho has grown up a lot since he started doing gymnastics. He is much more disciplined now. Moreover, artistic gymnastics is the sport, which Misho likes best.

    Misho Ivanov on split at Levski GC, Sofia 2012

    Mr Kolimechkov is amazing coach and children like him a lot.

    Rosica Ivanova

  • Erik Shaumian
    Erik Shaumian (David's father) wrote:

    As a parent who was a professional athlete, I am happy to say that my son (David), has become more organized, disciplined, he hasn't been sick and achieved huge success during the last year.

    All of this happened because of your dedication, love and knowledge Mr Kolimechkov.

    David Shaumian vice champion

    Artistic Gymnastics is amazing sport, it improves all human qualities and makes the body grow properly and harmonically. I believe that Gymnastics is the best sport for my son.

    Erik Shaumian | e-mail: eriksh75@gmail.com

  • Lusi Pencheva
    Ludmila Pencheva (Sasho's mother) wrote:

    Mr Kolimechkov is a good coach and sports teacher indeed. I am glad of his teaching methods and also his attitude to children.

    Aleksander Penchev

    It is proven that artistic gymnastics develops our body and concentration in the maximum level, and therefore I think that this is the best sport for my child. Sasho, who is 9 and a half years old, is now more concentrated and responsible than ever.

    Ludmila Pencheva

  • No Photo
    Marina Lukanova (Atanas' mother) wrote:

    My son Atanas, 5, is always passionate about the days that we are doing gymnastics. This fact says enough to me about the gymnastics sessions provided by Mr Kolimechkov.

    Atanas - Gymnastics Show 2012

    Moreover, I am very happy about Stefan's pedagogical methods concerning children. For instance, the awards that gymnasts recieve when they behave well is a great idea.

    Marina Lukanova

  • Ass. Prof. Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD
    Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD (Stefan's lector at NSA) wrote:

    Dear colleague,

    Congratulations for the incredible results with these children. They are truly amazing! Watching David, Misho, Alex and the other gymnasts, I am delighted that the future is in good hands with such a specialist like you!

    Well done!

    Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD

    Assoc. Prof. Stanislav Mavrudiev, PhD | e-mail: s_mavrudiev@abv.bg

  • Desislava Shaumian
    Desislava Shaumian (David's mother) wrote:

    My son David was very physically active at home and school, so I wanted to find a way for him to use his energy for something positive. After starting doing gymnastics, David became calmer at home. He's been doing this sport for 3 years now (6 days a week, 3 hours a day).

    David Shaumian - Vice Champion of Bulgaria

    Mr Kolimechkov is not only a wonderful coach, but he is also a person who knows and continues learning about the children's psycology. His opinion is highly important for my son. The results, which have been achived for this short period of time, are priceless.

    Desislava Shaumian | e-mail: desi71711@gmail.com