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Here you can find what I would like to be my legacy of love and passion towards sport and health, my little, but unique mark in the world. Check it out.

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Personal Gymnastics Session for Kids in London with Qualified Coach

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You can book gymnastics lessons for your children in London in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you best. I also offer personal yoga sessions in London...

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Stefan Kolimechkov - Research in Sports and Exercise Sciences


This section presents information about my research including published articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as presentations in international academic conferences.

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Technologies in Physical Education and Sport and Exercise Science

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During the last few years, my colleagues and I developed different tools for assessing the health-related physical fitness. Now I am in a position to offer these technologies to you...

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Stefan Kolimechkov - Sports Career

Sports Career

Artistic Gymnastics is considered to be one of the most difficult and beautiful sports ever. Inspirational videos, amazing photos, moments of a lifetime...

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  • Citations

    A total of 33 scientific citations and growing

    2 July 2021
    The number of scientific citations is an indicator of effectiveness in research, and it shows the impact of our research on the field of sports science. As of July 2021, I have registered 33 citations of our scientific work, and my most cited article has enjoyed 14 citations in different journals, monographs and books. This article is entitled 'Physical fitness assessment in children and adolescents: a systematic review', published in the European Journal of Physical Education and Sport Science in 2017.

  • Dr Stefan Kolimechkov at the ACSM Annual Meeting 2021

    I presented at the ACSM Annual Meeting 2021

    01 June 2021
    Today I presented our study entitled 'Precompetitive stress in rhythmic gymnasts assessed by using salivary alpha-amylase, protein and potassium' in a virtual ePoster at the most prestigious conference in sports science in the world, the 2021 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine® and World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise in Regenerative Medicine being held June 1-5, 2021.

  • Full Lecture on Physical Fitness in Children

    Full Lecture Now Available

    5 March 2021
    After receiving an invitation from the Faculty of Sports Science at the State University of Semarang (Indonesia) to give a lecture in their virtual lecturer exchange programme, I presented a one-hour talk on the topic of Health-related physical fitness assessment in children and adolescents on November, 5, 2020.

  • Nutritional Assessment of Female Yoga Practitioners with Different Levels of Experience

    I am presenting research at the MSA-FIEP Conference 2021

    1 February 2021
    Our study entitled 'Nutritional Assessment of Female Yoga Practitioners with Different Levels of Experience' was accepted by the Scientific Committee of the 18th Annual Scientific Conference of Montenegrin Sports Academy and 16th FIEP European Congress “Sport, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health: Contemporary perspectives" for a presentation at the parallel sessions of the MSA-FIEP Conference 2021. The Conference will be held in Dubrovnik in April 2021.

  • Benefits of practising Gymnastics for Children

    The main findings from my PhD research are now published

    27 January 2021
    'Practising artistic gymnastics maintains children’s weight in the normal limits, and has a positive impact on all of the health-related biomarkers of their physical fitness'... These are one of the main findings from my research (that spread over the last few years) on the health-related physical fitness of school children practising artistic gymnastics from the UK. I can now finally share the full data with you, as our manuscript has just been accepted and published in the International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (indexed in Web of Science).

  • Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner Status

    I gained the Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner status

    December 2020
    In December 2020 I gained my Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner status, awarded by CIMSPA (the professional body for the sport and physical activity sector in the UK), after meeting the professional standards, and passing a 2-hour VIVA examination. CIMSPA establishes a new set of professional standards for the sport and physical activity sector in the UK. CIMSPA also holds the new UK's directory for all exercise and fitness professionals. CIMSPA awards Chartered status to those who have shown real excellence, innovation and quality within the field of sport and physical activity. CIMSPA chartered status is the hallmark of a qualified and excellent professional.

  • British Citizenship Ceremony

    My British Citizenship Ceremony

    19 November 2020
    On the 19th of November, at the age of 33, I obtained my British citizenship at the Woolwich Town Hall in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. I moved to London in 2013 and I have lived here since then. Gaining my British citizenship was one of my lifetime goals.


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